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We are a locally run Mom and Pop Grocery Store. We lived the city life for several years before making our way to this little corner in Northeast Washington. Malott is a small town nestled between the Stampede Grounds in Omak and the blossoming apple orchards of Brewster. 


The town of Malott has a long, beautiful history. And this little store is no exception to that history. Originally in 1946, this building was built as a tavern with a dancing hall. The whole town was hopping and flourising with several businesses! Unfortunately, the business boom fell apart and the town now has a handful of open businesses in it.

We have been slowly expanding what we offer in our little store over the last few years. We now offer convenience items, such as: soda, chips, milk, hot deli items and more. From our recent expansion, we have a buffet, a dining hall for our delicatessen, and freshly baked goods. 


**Update** Coming Soon! We will have an extended stay suite, with it's own kitchenette. Stay tuned for more updates!

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